Terms of Use / Policy and Guidelines

Candidate411.com is a platform.  Ownership and management have created this platform to offer candidates seeking public office and groups promoting ballot initiatives, a way to connect with the voting public within the Candidate411.com platform.

All persons (Users) accessing this platform understand that it is for positive campaign messages only.  Although Candidate411.com is not a publisher, we reserve the right to set a code of ethics and guidelines that mandate users of this site to adhere to our standards of decency that include, but not limited to the guidelines listed below.

Because our platform may involve videos posted on YouTube, Vimeo, or other streaming services, these standards are applicable to all media promoted on the candidate411.com platform.  However, in the case of a link to a third-party website, such as a candidate’s own website, Candidate411.com will not consider it a violation of our terms if negative campaigning is on those linked pages as it is outside of our platform.

Candidate411.com will refuse political messages that include the following:

  • Vulgarity
  • The use of opponent’s name directly in a negative manner
  • Slanderous accusation towards opponent, their supporters or any other person or persons
  • Remarks dealing with race, sexuality, gender or other inflammatory topics in a negative manner

Users understand and take full responsibility for all postings on their page within the Candidate411.com platform.  If user is deemed to post an offensive message or accusation against an opponent or other, Candidate411.com reserves the right to block page from public view or delete account if the user refuses to address the problem and adhere to the terms of this agreement.

It is the responsibility of the users to review their opponent’s page on the Candidate411.com platform and report any other user not adhering to the policy and guidelines.

Due to the nature of Internet security, connectivity, etc. Candidate411.com will not be held liable for interruptions in service that may or may not be caused by service providers being off-line or down for service.  It is incumbent on users to review the status of their page on the Candidate411.com website to make certain the pages are available and active.

All user listings posted on Candidate411.com will expire after the election is concluded, unless otherwise agreed upon.