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Tailor-Made Features makes it possible for candidates to connect with voters based on what is important by selecting any of the four available options.  From a listing to a fully functioning, video-based website that offers everything a candidate will need impact the voter’s decision, we can be an invaluable tool.


Get Impressions

How many voters will you connect with depends on how many people you get in front of. We help you do that effectively.


Well Organized offers voters an easy to follow format that helps them find the information they need.


Personal Landing Page

Voters will be brought to your landing page to get more about you and your message.


See Analytics

We know video is an important element to your campaign. YouTube provides at-a-glance statistics.


Search Friendly

Voters seldomly know where candidate information can be found. Our Search Engine Optimization is key.


Card Design

A professionally designed card tells voters you are serious. You get that with the touch of a few keystrokes.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are the original positive campaigning platform where voters can learn about candidates in elections throughout the country.  From national elections to city council in small towns across America, is the go-to resource for voters who recognize the need for direct information from the candidates themselves, with no negative campaigning.

Because we wholeheartedly believe in fiscal responsibility, the simple answer is, the one you can afford.  The site was designed as a resource for voters, so having a listing, which includes a Candidate Card, will get your name out to people who may not know about you.  However, the more your budget allows, the more benefits you get.  The prices at all levels were designed for local races where candidates should be able to gain a level playing field, even if their opponent has a larger budget.

We have spent many hours in development, creating a site that makes it possible for those without prior website knowledge to create something they will be proud of.  Each step in the process is intuitive.

Yes, that service is provided at a nominal fee by one of the creators on staff.  While they will do a great job from a technical standpoint, each candidate must supply the content and images where appropriate.

It is easy to understand why you would think you wouldn’t.  However, why would you want to leave potential votes on the table?  Of course, if you have no money left in your budget, that is a different story.  But, why would you want to leave an arrow in your quiver if your hard work to raise funds can gain you more recognition?

All candidates who have lost will be removed from the site after the election is over.  We understand that there is value for candidates to thank their supporters, so we expect most will remain until December 31st.  For those candidates who win their elections, we have a plan that allows incumbents to have a long-term position on the site to be used for communication purposes during their term in office.

Yes, we provide tech support for issues dealing with our portal.  In the case where your internet service provider is down or your computer is the problem, we recommend reaching out to them directly.

Contact us immediately in instances where your opponent uses your name, image or likeness in a negative manner, as this is a breach of terms and conditions, which may result in instant removal from the site.  We allow for candidates to use words, such as, “my opponent” and “the other candidate” to describe other candidates, but an inflammatory statement or libel/slanderous comments will not be tolerated.