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This is the landing page for Lake County elections with information provided by candidates who have chosen to participate on Candidate411.com.

Lake County office candidates are listed below, with menu links to State, County and City elections as well.

Lake County Elections

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How To Use This Site

Sean Parks (R)
Sean Parks (R)District 2

This is an example of the candidate profile. By clicking on the image, you will be taken to their personal webpage within the Candidate411.com website. There you will find information about the candidate, including (for the most part) a video from them, explaining why they are the best candidate in the race. You will also get detailed information and find endorsements from the people who support the candidate.

A blog/vlog element has been added for candidates to stay in contact with their constituents. This is a great resource in those instances where voters are not sure of which candidate will represent them best. By updating their messages through a blog or video, candidates who choose this option will connect with voters in a more personal way.

County Commissioners

Tim Sullivan (R)
Tim Sullivan (R)District 1
Douglas Bruce Shields
Douglas Bruce ShieldsDistrict 1
Wendy Breeden
Wendy BreedenDistrict 3
J J Schneider Jr
J J Schneider JrDistrict 3
Kristen Nicole Harmon
Kristen Nicole HarmonDistrict 3
Kirby Smith
Kirby SmithDistrict 3
Todd Luce (R)
Todd Luce (R)District 5
Gabriel Aaron Ruiz (NPA)
Gabriel Aaron Ruiz (NPA)District 5
Josh Blake
Josh BlakeDistrict 5
Joseph Williams
Joseph WilliamsDistrict 5

School Board

Patricia Nave
Patricia NaveDistrict 2
Kristi Lee Burns
Kristi Lee BurnsDistrict 2
Sandy Gamble (NPA)
Sandy Gamble (NPA)District 4
Mollie Cunningham
Mollie CunninghamDistrict 4
Betsy Farner
Betsy FarnerDistrict 4
Michael Garcia
Michael GarciaDistrict 4

Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller

Gary J Cooney
Gary J Cooney


Peyton C. Grinnell
Peyton C. Grinnell

Property Appraiser

Carey Baker
Carey Baker

Tax Collector

David W. Jordan
David W. Jordan

Supervisor of Elections

Alan Hays
Alan Hays

County Judge

Cary Frank Rada
Cary Frank RadaGroup 1
Jason J. Nimeth
Jason J. NimethGroup 2
Carla Pepperman
Carla PeppermanGroup 3

Water Authority

Keith Farner
Keith FarnerAt-Large
Tammy Morales
Tammy MoralesAt-Large
Daniel J. Lynch
Daniel J. LynchDistrict 1
Guy Robert Meadows
Guy Robert MeadowsDistrict 1
Marty Proctor
Marty ProctorDistrict 1
Nicholas Edward Stack
Nicholas Edward StackDistrict 3
Susan Fetter
Susan FetterDistrict 3
Tyler David Brandeburg
Tyler David BrandeburgDistrict 3
Richard Frederick Donohue
Richard Frederick DonohueDistrict 5
Amy Stone
Amy StoneDistrict 5

District Court of Appeal

Kerry I. Evander
Kerry I. EvanderDistrict 5
Jamie Grosshans
Jamie GrosshansDistrict 5
 John M. Harris
John M. HarrisDistrict 5
Richard B. Orfinger
Richard B. Orfinger District 5
Meredith Sasso
Meredith SassoDistrict 5
F. Rand Wallis
F. Rand Wallis District 5

United States Representatives

Clint Curtis
Clint CurtisDistrict 6
Alan Grayson
Alan GraysonDistrict 6
John G. Nolan
John G. NolanDistrict 6
Richard Thripp
Richard ThrippDistrict 6
Michael Waltz
Michael WaltzDistrict 6
Dana Marie Cottrell
Dana Marie Cottrell District 11
Daniel Webster
Daniel WebsterDistrict 11
Alan Cohn
Alan CohnDistrict 15
Scott Franklin
Scott FranklinDistrict 15
Adam Hattersley
Adam Hattersley District 15
Jesse Philippe
Jesse PhilippeDistrict 15
Ross Spano
Ross SpanoDistrict 15

Florida State Representative

Stevan Novakovic
Stevan NovakovicDistrict 31
Keith Truenow
Keith TruenowDistrict 31
Debra A. Kaplan
Debra A. KaplanDistrict 31
Crissy Stile
Crissy StileDistrict 31
Stephanie L. Dukes
Stephanie L. DukesDistrict 32
Ryan Morales
Ryan MoralesDistrict 32
Anthony Frank Sabatini
Anthony Frank SabatiniDistrict 32
Linda Joanne Kero
Linda Joanne KeroDistrict 32
Brett Hage
Brett HageDistrict 33
Mamie Dee Melvin
Mamie Dee MelvinDistrict 33