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This is the landing page for Florida elections with information provided by candidates who have chosen to participate on Candidate411.com.

State office candidates are listed below, links to County and City elections are in the menu above.

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Sean Parks (R)
Sean Parks (R)District 2

This is an example of the candidate profile. By clicking on the image, you will be taken to their personal webpage within the Candidate411.com website. There you will find information about the candidate, including (for the most part) a video from them, explaining why they are the best candidate in the race. You will also get detailed information and find endorsements from the people who support the candidate.

A blog/vlog element has been added for candidates to stay in contact with their constituents. This is a great resource in those instances where voters are not sure of which candidate will represent them best. By updating their messages through a blog or video, candidates who choose this option will connect with voters in a more personal way.


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Phil Ehr
Phil EhrDistrict 1
Matt Gaetz
Matt GaetzDistrict 1
Greg Merk
Greg MerkDistrict 1
John Mills
John MillsDistrict 1
Albert Oram
Albert OramDistrict 1


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Mike Hill
Mike HillDistrict 1
Franscine C. Mathis
Franscine C. MathisDistrict 1
Michelle Salzman
Michelle SalzmanDistrict 1
Barbara Scott-Shouse
Barbara Scott-ShouseDistrict 1


Select By District:  2-10    11-20    31-39

Douglas V. Broxon
Douglas V. BroxonDistrict 1
Karen M. Butler
Karen M. ButlerDistrict 1