The Positive Campaigning Platform

Candidate411.com is a website for voters to learn about the candidates and ballot questions, without the negative campaigning associated with elections, that will have an impact on their lives and the lives of their families. As for timeliness, recent world events and the social distancing protocols that have been in effect, make going to a candidate rally, debate, or even a social gathering, unlikely. That is just one of the reasons this site is the go-to resource for voters who want to be informed and the candidates who want to reach them.


Postcards and door hangers allow voters to see the candidates and for candidates to get their name out to voters. But, Candidate411.com makes it possible for voters to see and hear what the candidates have to say on the issues most important to them, without leaving the comfort of their home. And, you can tell a lot about someone by their demeanor and the tone of their voice. Postcards and door hangers don’t give you that!


We also know the importance of national, state, county and city ballot questions. The more informed voters are about proposed referendums, the more likely it is that they will vote for or against something that will impact them. That is why we have created a link for groups who approve or oppose of a ballot question to voice their opinions.


If your area is not represented on this site, please call your local candidates to let them know about Candidate411.com. Continue to visit this site often as more candidates and more issues will be added.